What to look for in a SEO Agency

What to Look for:

As a business owner, or manager, you have probably heard the world SEO, also called search engine optimization, tossed around. SEO is a key factor to your business even if you don’t understand it, and without it, you will not be getting the amount of traffic you’re looking for.

It is important to understand what SEO is, before looking for what a company includes with their service. Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing, and this is what makes it hard for businesses to keep up with their own SEO marketing techniques. Unless you have hours of extra time every day, you will be better off hiring a professional SEO agency in Lakeland.

Google, and other Search Engines use a lot of different techniques for ranking, from keywords, to locations, this process of SEO is a very frustrating task. You must be constantly learning SEO and not using old tactics, as they can possibly penalize your page and de-rank you.

Website Analysis

One of the first things SEO companies in Lakeland should provide is a free analysis of your website. Sometimes they aren’t free, but they should never be too expensive. They should check everything about your website, from keywords to design, to speed, and many more to ensure your customers have the best experience when viewing your website.

Website Function

Another thing companies should include for you, is the assistance of perfecting your website to run smoothly and easily. This can be a key factor when promoting products to customers, you want them to have an ease of use.


You will also want your agency to focus largely on your keywords. Long tail or short tail, they all matter to your positioning on Google. They should go through every one of your posted pages and ensure that they’re fixed right on your keywords.

Link Building

One more thing companies may or may not offer is link building. Link building can be a strong factor if you don’t have time to do it yourself. You may not fully understand what link building is and that is another reason to hire a Lakeland SEO company. A short video is listed below of how to briefly build links for your company.

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